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  1. Narrow failure is still failure
  2. A requirement to mask ones strong scent
  3. Casting requirement
  4. Requirement
  5. Dress code requirement for the puritans?
  6. Common board requirement, in brief
  7. State requirement for one with hole in jumper?
  8. Buzzer and horn sound about right for russian course requirement
  9. Return requirement?
  10. Important requirement for making clothes
  11. Rare school requirement
  12. Rebate requirement, at times: abbr.
  13. Requirement to buy on eba
  14. Univ. requirement
  15. Requirement to hunt or dr
  16. Application requirement, maybe
  17. T.s.a. requirement
  18. Formal requirement
  19. Writer's requirement to go through dictionary sounded beastly
  20. Requirement of islam


  1. Now __ heard it all!
  2. Dairy can compete henceforth, utilising recent negotiations initially
  3. Long border range
  4. Cube makeup
  5. Dad staged riot it’s old fashioned masculine, national pride
  6. Buzz creator
  7. Grammy channel
  8. Rights movement shorthand