The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with D.
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Crossword Answers for "Failed to fulfil obligation to pay a loan"

Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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CODYCROSS Working From Home Group 1230 Puzzle 4

  1. Roadblock put in place for a parade or accident
  2. A bar operated venue where people party
  3. Section of a piece of writing, often indented
  4. Most overcast
  5. Pieces of plate armor for the shoulders
  6. People making depositions
  7. Central theme in charles darwins theory
  8. Winged slang for a romantic couple
  9. Mushroom that sounds like a frogs chair
  10. What a rider stands on when towed by a motorboat


  1. Defaulted
    1. Indeed it's wrong not to have paid
    2. Like a retired seismologist?
    3. Indeed it's not 22 across
    4. Indeed it's about a flaw not to have paid


  1. Failure to fulfil an obligation
  2. Fail to fulfil an obligation
  3. Fulfil obligation, as diver would have to with flea in his suit?
  4. Fail to fulfil a promise or obligation
  5. Fails to fulfil a promise or obligation
  6. Fails to fulfil obligation or to appear
  7. Become aware of; fulfil (s, not z)
  8. Fail to fulfil a promise
  9. Dropping behind in referendum, say, one's undertaken to fulfil promise
  10. Saint prepared to fulfil task in shop
  11. Fall to fulfil promise
  12. Fulfil requirements or expectations
  13. Drink when under pressure to fulfil role as monarch, following king, say
  14. Fulfil to excess
  15. Not able to fulfil a need
  16. Some reprobate atones, hating to fulfil unlikely promise
  17. Don't fulfil promise in children, eg educationally
  18. Fulfil role of quality paper early on
  19. Reportedly fulfil promise to nobleman, as an interim payment
  20. Fulfil, meet expectatioins


  1. Three mammals starting with b
  2. Facial roller gemstone often
  3. Incorrectly loaded ship disaster
  4. In a perfect world, fish with friend
  5. In game, city scores broadcast
  6. Inspect ledgers
  7. Items batsmen hit in the air for slip
  8. Awful just awful