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  1. Title character of film who has a family reunion and class reunion, goes to jail, has a big happy family, goes into the witness protection program, and celebrates christmas
  2. Movie with the tagline a family comedy without the family
  3. The family in the 2009 best seller 'this family of mine'
  4. Family against family
  5. 'modern family' or 'all in the family'
  6. "all in the family" family name
  7. 'family ties' family
  8. One family's relative in the legal profession perhaps marries into another's family
  9. Family-vs.-family fight
  10. Large animal in the deer family (not actual family, but in the species sense)
  11. Family of stringed instruments that preceded the violin family
  12. The main character and father of the family in the american sitcom family guy: 2 wds.
  13. Family-vs.-family war
  14. All in ___ family cbs sitcom about the life of a working-class father and his family that ran from 1971 – 1979
  15. __ family, basic social unit, immediate family
  16. Mythical beast and the family guy family
  17. Former family feud like british tv show: family __
  18. ___ and the family stone (family affair band)
  19. ___ in the family tv show about a working class man and his family which is ranked 9th on rolling stone's 2016 list of 100 greatest tv shows of all time
  20. Family nickname


  1. Middle of plot on american soil
  2. Military operatives upset over submarine captain
  3. Military facility shuts, nine redeployed
  4. Metallic element, tl
  5. Mercenary pair of nationalists securing international agreement in berlin
  6. Metal safe stores whiskey
  7. Military commander to be given leadership of regiment in just over four weeks
  8. Metronome output