The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Externally, bishop wearing stole produces a bible"

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  1. Textbook
    1. Conforming to established standard
    2. Reader for student
    3. Student's manual
    4. Typical, as a case
    5. School reference work
    6. Manual for learners


  1. Dressed in stole when bishop was away
  2. Female stole bishop noah's heart
  3. Man produces ___ as a bee produces honey: william golding
  4. One produces apples, another produces oranges
  5. Bishop produces red herring - vet baffled
  6. 'eadwear manufacturer, one bishop promoted, produces this?
  7. Old bishop read aloud a frightful piece from hebrew bible
  8. Five wearing a flower-garland in the bible
  9. Orchestra getting pounds, allowing little expense externally - it may have some beaming
  10. Cells turn to fix as drug dealt externally
  11. Tool starts to rust (always kept externally)
  12. Externally, woman - internally, very furious dragon
  13. Study painting externally, being passionate
  14. Country where one finds new class of frogs lacking pouch externally
  15. Sleep-inducing and heady potion out-and-out insomniac used externally
  16. Rural site of mogul architecture, one administered externally
  17. Demand isn't changing externally, is internally
  18. Historic english win over france, half-combining one border externally
  19. Turns back to finding prices externally
  20. Restores appearance of theatre externally


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  2. Ravan who sang with ten wheel drive
  3. Corp. leader
  4. Religion, to marx
  5. Sand castle-making need
  6. Nietzsche's negative
  7. Reduced, as expenses
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