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  1. Man expressing cockney view of beer and wine
  2. Seemingly expressing
  3. Adjective expressing a characteristic quality
  4. Expressing publicly
  5. Expressing refusal, denial or disagreement
  6. Parents angry with tot expressing dissent
  7. All together, no good expressing disdain
  8. Not expressing regret
  9. Expressing sorrow
  10. Really expressing agreement about king and i
  11. Expressing in words
  12. Run … walk … run ... i'm not expressing myself clearly
  13. Expressing scorn
  14. Lads expressing love over that woman offering poetic name
  15. Feeling or expressing blissful happiness
  16. Exclamation expressing contempt
  17. Returned to finish tucking into some wine, expressing joy
  18. Very good bit of verse expressing popular moral tale
  19. Money paid to investors expressing a kind of prurience?
  20. Enthusiastic: sent message expressing first time touring channel islands


  1. Kenai fjords national park site
  2. Dalis pet babou, eg
  3. In need of a nap, say
  4. Soup that may be garnished with sprouts and cilantro
  5. Org. chaired by ronna romney mcdaniel
  6. Competitor of century 21
  7. Dangers for swimmers
  8. Stop fighting against