The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Excite - activate"

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  1. Turnon
    1. Attack without warning is not about to capture vessel
    2. Person or thing with the ability to excite
    3. Flip a switch up
    4. To make no of this you've only got to open it (4, 2)
    5. Excite sexually
    6. Cause of excitement


  1. Activate as a wah-wah pedal
  2. Activate as a mobile app
  3. 'wonder ___ powers, activate!'
  4. Activate theatre's opening with theatrical employee
  5. Activate warhead in nuclear missile
  6. Activate, as an elevator button
  7. Activate call for better service, part of multiple delivery
  8. Activate cooler
  9. Activate electrically
  10. Equip with oil power to activate slide, i see
  11. A loose one may activate the "check engine" light
  12. Activate, as a fuze
  13. Activate, as a phone app
  14. Activate a credit card
  15. Bomb designed to activate when ship's hull is detected
  16. Activate, as a bomb
  17. Lever to activate a firing mechanism
  18. Activate, as an icon
  19. Activate, as a tv set
  20. Activate without restraint


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  2. Hamlet in saskatchewan or liberal regan
  3. Will scarlet colleague
  4. Small town on a campaign trail
  5. Aeronautic cubs
  6. Five hours before noon, in the service
  7. What the 97-pound weakling blamed his physique on?
  8. Word on a 114 down