The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with C

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Excerpt"

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  1. Clip
    1. Paper fastener
    2. Football foul
    3. Illegal block
    4. Trailer segment
    5. Film excerpt
    6. Rate of speed


  1. Film excerpt
  2. Opera excerpt
  3. Translation of a french drama excerpt for the radio
  4. Singer's excerpt from national tour
  5. Short excerpt
  6. Excerpt from verdict at orange free state doesn't have one!
  7. Dramatic excerpt
  8. Met excerpt
  9. Excerpt from film by snapper, one making connections on circuit
  10. Excerpt from a statement
  11. Show excerpt from the certificate x poltergeist
  12. Operatic excerpt
  13. Biblical excerpt
  14. Movie excerpt
  15. Film excerpt left in capturing sound of horses’ hooves
  16. Show excerpt from old epic tonight
  17. Looking up excerpt about nabokov's language
  18. An excerpt from this saint-saëns tone poem was used as the theme tune for the detective series jonathan creek
  19. Excerpt understood to include elizabeth barrett browning's first pieces turned up
  20. Book excerpt


  1. Substitute fulfilling the role of another
  2. Conga? are members forced to follow it?
  3. Drink drivers taking short month off work
  4. Holiday place with empty restaurant: stood up inside
  5. Squeeze together 8 letters
  6. Airline left india for island
  7. Go anaemic, tablets individually knocked back
  8. Support in confidence