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  1. Popular house plant of the primrose family
  2. (scarlet) plant of the primrose family
  3. Primrose family plant
  4. Plant of primrose family
  5. Plant of the primrose family with small drooping pale yellow flowers
  6. Plant of the primrose family - limper pen
  7. Plant of the primrose family with upswept petals and patterned leaves
  8. European primrose
  9. Primrose family member
  10. Flower of the primrose family
  11. Flower of primrose family
  12. Wildflower of the primrose family
  13. Plant growth: it will cover the front and follow the primrose path
  14. Wreath in alpine house including primrose at the front
  15. Hybrid primrose
  16. Shakespeare character who coins the term primrose path
  17. Flower of the primrose fa
  18. Variety of primrose
  19. Yellow primrose
  20. Primrose variety


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