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  1. Eurasian cousin of the plover
  2. A __ cousin is the child of your parents' cousin
  3. A cousin once __ is the cousin of your mom or dad
  4. Your first cousin once __ is your cousin's child
  5. Eurasian backbone
  6. Eurasian duck
  7. Volcano at the meeting point of the african and eurasian plates
  8. Eurasian goat
  9. Antlered eurasian animals
  10. Pre-1989 eurasian politic
  11. Eurasian diving duck
  12. Eurasian mountains
  13. Thorny eurasian shrub
  14. Eurasian range
  15. Old eurasian locales: abb
  16. Eurasian ducks
  17. Eurasian sandpiper - australian fish
  18. Small eurasian songbird
  19. Eurasian grasslands
  20. Aquatic eurasian plant used in salads


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