The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Entreat beseech"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS seasons Group 72 Puzzle 4

  1. Band worn around the leg to keep stockings up
  2. Means to gain something also a street
  3. Faculty to encode store and retrieve information
  4. Someone who has low red blood cell count
  5. Workplace of artists actors musicians
  6. It is not __ science = it is not so difficult
  7. __ globes given by hollywood foreign press
  8. Beetle who pushes the sun in egyptian mythology
  9. Root of a plant used as a spice or for tea
  10. Happens quickly unexpectedly
  11. Grouped set of lines in a poem
  12. French philosopher who refused a nobel prize


  1. Adjure
    1. Beseech
    2. Appeal earnestly
    3. Entreat
    4. Urge earnestly
    5. Urge formally
    6. Make a solemn request


  1. Starts to beseech, entreat, grovel and sponge
  2. Beseech
  3. Past tense of beseech
  4. Beseech, beg for
  5. Beseech or ask for charity
  6. Beg earnestly, beseech
  7. Beseech implore
  8. Entreat earnestly
  9. Entreat
  10. Entreat miliband to raise unprepared material
  11. Earnestly entreat
  12. Beg earnestly, entreat
  13. So this would be to entreat, as permitted
  14. Claim; entreat
  15. Entreat with urgency
  16. Entreat earnestly, urge
  17. One may entreat you to carry goods inside
  18. Entreat, implore
  19. Entreat, plead
  20. Pressing need to entreat us city to restrict carbon


  1. Classic freudian diagnosis
  2. How trucks go uphill
  3. Abraded by rubbing
  4. Quite rough
  5. Chinese form of slow physical exercise
  6. Lola portrayer in "damn yankees"
  7. Ascends to a height
  8. Qui se nourrit de peu