The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "An entertainment us sl"

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  1. Boff
    1. Big broadway hit
    2. Broadway hit, slangily
    3. Hit, in show biz
    4. Big laugh elicitor
    5. Big hit on broadway
    6. Big box office success slangily


  1. Agreement in the form of free entertainment?
  2. A number tucking into new edition of dickens for entertainment at sea
  3. Treat she arranged in places of entertainment
  4. Dandy poet mixing with scum might make enjoyable entertainment
  5. River entering larger body of water, mostly for some entertainment
  6. London entertainment dist
  7. Certain monday night entertainment
  8. Entertainment with camels, maybe
  9. Breakout entertainment?
  10. Family night entertainment
  11. Acronym for the four major entertainment awards
  12. Period mike left women in school, seeking evening entertainment?
  13. Popular tokyo entertainment
  14. Regal entertainment group facility
  15. Handle in the entertainment industry
  16. One drawn to kids entertainment?
  17. Entertainment enticement
  18. Entertainment on a jamaican cruise perhaps
  19. Punchers' entertainment
  20. Big entertainment center


  1. Set of tracks for a train
  2. Company known for noise-reducing headphones
  3. Scolds persistently
  4. Most common conjunction in english
  5. Completely wowed: 2 wds.
  6. Political commentator navarro who cohosts the view
  7. Chaps about to help girl
  8. Last remaining bits