The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Enduringly popular queen awful revenge consumes"

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  1. Evergreen
    1. Always strong and stable but inside loveless, therefore concerning
    2. Pine for one looking sickly all the time
    3. Maybe holly has enduring appeal
    4. Oscar-winning song from "
    5. Cluedo character goes topless endlessly, like holly?
    6. Laurel perhaps remaining fresh and vital


  1. Enduringly popular
  2. ... a good queen consumes fish as well
  3. Queen ___ revenge (blackbeard's ship)
  4. Pirate on the queen anne's revenge
  5. (after 9) little music maker with awful band in awful place
  6. A lot of beer consumes dole money in rough bar
  7. Consumes too much, informally
  8. Consumes
  9. Completely consumes
  10. Bread roll crusty? worker consumes one
  11. Consumes with gusto
  12. Confuse theologian drink consumes
  13. Native american consumes a can of body-builder?
  14. Muse as setter consumes exotic lemon pie i overlooked
  15. Boxer consumes cabbage endlessly, it neutralises acid
  16. Gypsy dancer consumes one drink
  17. Consumes enough to nourish mother and unborn child
  18. Lift consumes power — time to start a tedious walk
  19. Greedy creature consumes entire plant
  20. Full eighteen holes consumes some time


  1. Instrument for cannonball adderley
  2. 1-down's land: abbr.
  3. Noisemaking toy weapon
  4. Tva product
  5. Alfred who wrote 'driving miss daisy'
  6. The study of musical sound
  7. Like some rights or pay
  8. When streetlights come on