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  1. Basher ___, one of the eleven in 'ocean's eleven'
  2. Eleven minus three divided by eleven, one away
  3. A german upcoming eleven gets in the spirit
  4. Eleven german admirers upended nick
  5. A german follows a german saint, the one bach composed for opera
  6. West german name for former east german currency
  7. German writer introducing german article about old english
  8. German company meeting a german government is getting on
  9. Taken on by german, a german administrator
  10. German or german-style bar
  11. (german name for) german river
  12. Loud german work by german-american psychologist has point: 1 17 23!
  13. German, in german
  14. A german saint, a german who strove for world peace
  15. German folk dance (scotch in german)
  16. German philosophy in german capital reportedly is mediaeval
  17. Dire result of leaving german in german city
  18. German children with german novelist find baroque composer
  19. German domain has german wine around island for flighty type associated with crane
  20. German chancellor who earned a doctoral degree in quantum chemistry from the german academy of sciences: 2 wds.


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