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  1. Country singer kathy with the #1 'eighteen wheels and a dozen roses'
  2. As george iv was during eighteen eleven - eighteen twenty
  3. Period from eighteen-eleven to eighteen-twenty
  4. Bearer of a dozen roses,
  5. Buyer of a dozen roses, maybe
  6. Bearer of a dozen roses, maybe
  7. Dozen dozen
  8. A dozen dozen - repellently bulky
  9. A dozen dozen - that's vulgar
  10. They are not, by the sound of it, more than half a dozen, but more than a dozen years ago
  11. Transportation with a dozen wheels?
  12. Wheels for big wheels
  13. Wheels - - wheels, series of intricately connected plots
  14. Wheels for wheels
  15. Covering for wheels, wheels in delivery truck
  16. Eighteen months
  17. Over-eighteen set to drink wine regularly
  18. Queen (eighteen thirty seven to nineteen hundred and one)
  19. Completing eighteen holes amid fine mist that's coming up
  20. Of period seventeen hundred and fourteen to eighteen hundred and thirty


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