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  1. Side effect or ride effect?
  2. Clue a: 'it's a kaleidoscopic effect'clue a: 'it's a kaleidoscopic effect'
  3. Effect where combined actions produce a greater effect than the sum of individual efforts
  4. Handle clumsily
  5. I drop a stitch clumsily: it’s harsh, as a rule
  6. Laugh madly about, say, boris johnson's capacity to caper clumsily
  7. Move clumsily
  8. Handles clumsily
  9. One providing answers clumsily pretends to keep working
  10. Wheel along clumsily
  11. Awkwardly, clumsily
  12. Bounce clumsily along holding a coin for sweet
  13. Mend clumsily
  14. I ruin vest, clumsily shoving nose in?
  15. Handles clumsily, as a pa
  16. Clumsily moved screen post cut boy
  17. Move clumsily - jack's wood?
  18. Handled clumsily
  19. Spills clumsily
  20. Repair clumsily


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