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  1. Levant of levity
  2. Outstanding leader in eastern levant perhaps
  3. One of the levant states
  4. Musician/wit levant
  5. Pianist levant
  6. Muslim dynasty ruled in the levant 1127-1250
  7. 'the lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first': oscar levant
  8. The levant
  9. According to oscar levant, it's "the lowest form of humor--when you don't think of it first"
  10. Levant sea port
  11. Ill-fated cruise from gibraltar to the levant, perhaps, no-one boards
  12. Great levant break, from him?
  13. Levant vessel
  14. Setting of the levant
  15. Preacher on box in the levant, not hard &mdash member looking up is captivated
  16. Camus's "lettres
  17. It handles lettres
  18. Eluru 6 lettres
  19. Singe hurleur 7 lettres
  20. Police russe 3 lettres


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