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  1. Levant of levity
  2. Outstanding leader in eastern levant perhaps
  3. One of the levant states
  4. Musician/wit levant
  5. Pianist levant
  6. Muslim dynasty ruled in the levant 1127-1250
  7. 'the lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first': oscar levant
  8. The levant
  9. According to oscar levant, it's "the lowest form of humor--when you don't think of it first"
  10. Levant sea port
  11. Ill-fated cruise from gibraltar to the levant, perhaps, no-one boards
  12. Great levant break, from him?
  13. Levant vessel
  14. Setting of the levant
  15. Camus's "lettres
  16. It handles lettres
  17. Eluru 6 lettres
  18. Singe hurleur 7 lettres
  19. Police russe 3 lettres
  20. Capitale du swaziland 7 lettres


  1. Take ones chances
  2. Minute can start to yawn
  3. Military display is tawdry stuff, as well
  4. Mild liberal embraced by setter?
  5. Mike indeed guards against losing extremely accommodating principal support
  6. Miser keeping pile in curious casket
  7. Mineral corporation securing aluminium contract initially
  8. Miserly type maybe hoarding pounds in trophy