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  1. One might oversee pay-out when bank's in error - cue controversy
  2. Error harry potter might make?
  3. One might, in error, be getting royalty befogged like this
  4. Error the answers to starred clues might make
  5. Easy way that might lead to error
  6. Minor error, result of crossing chicken with armoured animal, might you say?
  7. One might show contrition for auntie's bloomers, perhaps, and glee with itc error
  8. An old man nan lathered in error
  9. Liable to error
  10. Roman who said “any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error”
  11. Error at cards
  12. Printing error: treaty gutted and work set back
  13. Ring for stokes in error, take bowler for batsman? don't be stupid
  14. Capital error over centre of catholicism
  15. Quarterback's error: abbr
  16. Bell, one dropped in error
  17. Employer admitted to serious error
  18. Error; watered clay
  19. Error that you print out at first
  20. Bet was placed here, evens, with truth and error recalculated


  1. Washes 3 european articles with soap, primarily
  2. Upright is how a surfer prefers to be
  3. Brother — one who works in chippy, do we hear?
  4. Fond memory — larks, no end
  5. By-products given dubious pr by nobs, heading off
  6. Admission of a tax cut by conservative
  7. Beginning to cheat in midday exam leads to courtroom plea; ...
  8. Stroke female jaguar?