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  1. Scoring by chance
  2. Take a chance, about to take a chance with beef
  3. Dismissed without scoring in cricket
  4. Protect against the other team scoring
  5. Scoring advantage
  6. Scoring units
  7. Dominate high-scoring draw without central pairing
  8. Single shot awarded for being fouled while scoring, in basketball lingo
  9. Scoring leaders?
  10. Five-time n.h.l. scoring
  11. Four-time n.b.a. scoring champion in the 2010s
  12. Scoring high on rotten tomatoes
  13. One is a prize for scoring
  14. In scoring position say
  15. Jaromir ___ five-time nhl scoring leader
  16. Deliberate infringement to prevent the other side scoring
  17. Scoring stroke at billiards
  18. Scoring up a storm
  19. High-scoring baseball gam
  20. Scoring stat for n.b.a.'e


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