The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with J.
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Crossword Answers for "Eastern roman emperor formed a roman legal code"

Added on Friday, July 13, 2018
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CODYCROSS medieval times Group 232 Puzzle 3

  1. __ empire dynasty centered on modern-day germany
  2. Metal finders of hidden treasures
  3. Rising prices
  4. Speaking alone as in a speech in a play
  5. Prepared in advance or precooked e.g. potatoes
  6. Food stabilizer from african tree sap
  7. Last name by birth of pope benedict xvi
  8. Krai and city in western russia on kuban river
  9. Every __ take; 1983 hit for the police
  10. __ meyer twilight author's first name
  11. How fast your ticker is beating
  12. Microsoft operating system that preceded vista
  13. Fleas lice and tapeworms are all __
  14. Physicist proponent of the steady state theory


  1. Justinian
    1. Code of __ middle ages text on the byzantine empire
    2. Emperor newly arrived in housing area
    3. Very recently delivered one article to an emperor
    4. Newly arrived scot became emperor once
  2. Justinian
    1. Noted 5th century byzantine emperor and lawmaker
    2. Byzantine emperor who collected laws into a code


  1. Roman emperor is not quite a roman emperor before the state
  2. A follower of ethiopian emperor and a russian emperor uplifted
  3. Emperor's devotee overthrows an emperor
  4. Like the emperor in the emperor's new clothes
  5. Emperor in legal battle
  6. Emperor's granny concealing eastern european origins, originally
  7. German girl backed emperor in eastern city
  8. Legal ___ society (group that helps people with legal matters)
  9. Legal term starts off hearing, in legal action regarding youth
  10. Legal man, then, with legal men
  11. City in eastern thessaly in eastern greece
  12. Eastern bloke picked up eastern wines with identical titles
  13. Eastern state's capital has also taken over south-eastern state
  14. Former eastern country, catching bug, going west with eastern dressing
  15. Home for a roman emperor
  16. 10th-century holy roman emperor
  17. Tyrannical roman emperor
  18. Holy roman emperor called the great
  19. Notoriously cruel roman emperor, d. ad 24
  20. Roman emperor who overthrew galba


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  2. Plant whose curly leaf type is used as a garnish
  3. U s filmmakers often add this to toronto streets
  4. Province new once famed toronto pub house
  5. Small spiny mammal that hibernates in winter
  6. Select an actor to play an unsuitable role
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