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  1. It helps you achieve balance
  2. Hormone that helps to regulate energy balance
  3. It helps you watch your balance: abbr.
  4. It helps the balance, though not the figure
  5. It helps to balance the ball, like a tee
  6. Balance
  7. Balance sheet listing
  8. Balance point
  9. Balance sheet item
  10. Best on the balance beam,
  11. Hang in the balance
  12. Lose balance, upsetting lager
  13. Sign of balance?
  14. Balance beam?
  15. Balance beam gripper
  16. Balance sheet plus
  17. Credit card balance, e.g.
  18. Coalition supplied balance, ultimately helping?
  19. Source of ones sense of balance
  20. English witticism is put into old english for balance


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