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  1. Name dwayne johnson uses when wrestling
  2. 2009 dwayne johnson adventure/sci-fi film
  3. Typical dwayne johnson role
  4. Dwayne johnson's nickname (with "the")
  5. The game ___ (2007 sports film starring dwayne johnson)
  6. Mollycoddle dwayne johnson?
  7. Dwayne johnson's oversized head?
  8. Like dwayne johnson or ben kingsley
  9. Dwayne the ___ johnson
  10. 2010 family film starring dwayne johnson and ashley judd
  11. Retired professional wrestler dwayne johnson plays a war veteran in this remake of the 1973 film: 2 wds.
  12. 2018 action film starring dwayne johnson and neve campbell
  13. Informal name for gibraltar; the ring name of wrestler dwayne johnson; or, a pageant play by t. s. eliot
  14. Genre for dwayne johnson
  15. Moana's maui actor dwayne __ johnson
  16. Dr. __ bravestone, dwayne johnson's jumanji role
  17. Solid nickname of wrestler dwayne johnson
  18. 2016 disney film in which dwayne johnson voiced maui
  19. Demigod voiced by dwayne johnson in moana
  20. ___ impact wrestling (wrestling league)


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