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  1. Dulled, discoloured
  2. Dulled with fatigue
  3. To hell with study, being dulled by too much booze?
  4. Regularly clean dulled spoon
  5. Bitter liberal tucked into sausage dauphinoise when gutted, which dulled pain
  6. Dulled by overindulgence
  7. Hushed, dulled or deadened
  8. Old coin almost dulled by overuse has extra mounting in the middle
  9. They can be dulled
  10. Dulled the wits or senses
  11. Did nurse prepare mark for weariness?
  12. World-weariness
  13. Weariness
  14. Weariness in report of how one with nothing to drink but urine survives?
  15. Young woman entertains boss, heading off weariness
  16. Exclamation of weariness
  17. Audible breath expressing weariness
  18. World-weariness scoffing
  19. Condition of extreme tiredness weariness
  20. Complete weariness


  1. Ice to glide audibly
  2. I see nothing well after turning up for performance
  3. I turn back behind unknown hindu ascetic
  4. I competed to secure gold, displaying teeth?
  5. Like a honeymoon couple's bed perhaps
  6. I felt satisfied while being hugged
  7. Im leaving limo during getaway for some meat
  8. I wander back to see antipodean people