CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Drug resistant organism"

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  1. Superbug
    1. Organism resistant to antibiotics
    2. Pub user twisted bottom of leg, getting nasty strain
    3. Virus that withstands medication
    4. Wonderful embrace of 'arry's? it could kill you!
    5. Top policeman finds listening device is impervious to a number of treatments


  1. Organism resistant to antibiotics
  2. Heat-resistant glass
  3. Corrosion-resistant coating
  4. Weather-resistant wood
  5. Resistant (to)
  6. Wood resistant to splitting
  7. Tear-resistant synthetic
  8. Termite-resistant wood
  9. Corrosion-resistant plati
  10. Heat-resistant material
  11. Corrosion-resistant metal
  12. Heat-resistant fibrous mineral
  13. Warp-resistant wood
  14. Boldly resistant - fainted
  15. Corrosive resistant element used in biomedicine
  16. Aerospace industry's corrosion-resistant metal ti
  17. Lustrous transition metal resistant to corrosion
  18. Hard corrosion-resistant silvery-white element
  19. Type of exercise performed against resistant object
  20. Openly resistant


  1. Late afternoon tipple
  2. Campaigns not getting into corrupted works
  3. Half the team get angry about being beaten
  4. Airman's line becomes caught in sequence of loops
  5. Clergyman's gown
  6. Feature work within of famous composer
  7. Alcoholic apirit
  8. Anxious or afraid