The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Drinks not meant to be savored"

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  1. Shots
    1. Quick drinks, as of whiskey
    2. See 38-across
    3. Round at a bar, maybe
    4. Pics
    5. Immunizations
    6. Wild guesses


  1. Savored a serving of
  2. 'i meant what i said, and i said what i meant' author
  3. Holds things up as one drinks the drinks of 11 across
  4. Not meant to be thrown away
  5. Will meant to be changed during trial
  6. I meant somebody else
  7. Writer who said women are meant to be loved, not to be understood
  8. It meant nothing to nero
  9. Concepts not meant to be questioned
  10. Words meant to hurt
  11. I meant to tell you
  12. Perhaps she meant to eat at dawn, or similar
  13. Mechanisms not meant to b
  14. A chartered accountant meant to take up scholastic life
  15. Not meant to be repeated
  16. Originally meant to hang, free old highwayman
  17. Strike off priest i meant to reform
  18. Understand what is meant
  19. Meant for monarchs
  20. What "two" meant, histori


  1. Hannity of fox news
  2. Added levy
  3. 'doctor zhivago' producer
  4. He conquered ancient france
  5. Real estate chunk
  6. Precise step-by-step plan for a computational procedure
  7. Instrument for cannonball adderley
  8. Trendy london district