CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Dreamy but not solemn composition"

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  1. Somnolent
    1. Drowsy doctor returning north in channel
    2. No men lost at sea falling asleep
    3. Dozy old man dropping article in sea off cowes
    4. Lent moons (anag.)
    5. Thus a thousand without fast may soon be fast asleep
    6. Nodding off in the cowes road? a thousand times no!


  1. Toughie on website say recalled as solemn composition?
  2. About whom nabokov said 'she was like the composition of a beautiful puzzle - its composition and its solution at the same time'
  3. Dreamy state
  4. Is dreamy
  5. Dreamy piece of music written by clergyman on lake
  6. Dreamy-eyed
  7. Dreamy female accommodating worker in spanish resort
  8. Dreamy place
  9. Dreamy or vague as if drugged
  10. In greek mythology, a fruit that induced forgetfulness and a dreamy languor in those who ate it
  11. Piece of dreamy music
  12. Dreamy perhaps before nine, but it sets later
  13. Dreamy chap, not a bastard; he's thick-skinned
  14. Dreamy pensive
  15. Begin to take drugs regularly for that dreamy feeling
  16. With a dreamy inertia
  17. Dreamy happiness
  18. Receptive and dreamy, catching poet's eye
  19. Dreamy inactivity
  20. Dreamy musical piece


  1. Compere regularly organised by head of entertainment
  2. Perhaps ford's bodyguard is almost stupid about panic
  3. Ulster is disturbed in consequence
  4. Norwegian city, formerly kristiania
  5. What warm milk might do
  6. Princess _, comic opera
  7. Sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety
  8. Northern drinkers start to fade by lunchtime in canteen