The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Don't pull __ don't hold back"

Added on Thursday, July 12, 2018
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CODYCROSS circus Group 84 Puzzle 3

  1. Opprobrious contumelious invective
  2. Gears of war is a science __ video game
  3. One of the stories of a thousand and one nights
  4. Giant ice planet in our solar system
  5. He typically rules over more than one nation
  6. Samuel __ wealthiest pirate in recorded history
  7. Kid between ages 10 and 13
  8. Proudest of birds
  9. Orange-yellow colored fruit like a peach
  10. It begins at home
  11. Ornamental shoulder piece on military uniforms
  12. Renowned russian ballet company


  1. Punches
    1. Strikes with the fist
    2. Blows with the fist
    3. Mixed drinks for boxing day?
    4. Chad-creating devices
    5. Blows with fists as from boxer
  2. Punches up
    1. Enlivens as a speech


  1. Don carlos don giovanni or don pasquale
  2. Don __ opera by mozart about libertine don juan
  3. Don who pretended to be a don in 'things change'
  4. Don't make light of it, but don't pass it on
  5. Don’t make a ___ (don’t overreact)
  6. Don't go to bed - don't be relegated
  7. State where don ho was born (or was he? let's see the real birth certificate, don!)
  8. Don't make a move and don't go on making a falsehood
  9. Don't talk to the carpet, it shows you don't care
  10. Brigitte bardot's 'don juan (___ don juan were a woman)'
  11. Don __ mozart opera about don juan
  12. "don giovanni" and "don pasquale"
  13. 'don't ever stand aside, don't ever be denied' etc. (oasis)
  14. O, come back, father! don't go, even if you don't go soon enough
  15. Don't keep a secret and don't be enclosed at end of ring
  16. Don juan croaks in don's home wanting tea
  17. 'don't go to bed but don't let that get you down (4,2)'
  18. 'don't ___, don't tell' (bygone military policy)
  19. Billy joel "don't talk to strangers, don't ___ me why"
  20. "don't talk to strangers. don't ___ me why"


  1. Guy from jericho
  2. Lupita nyongo, in 2012
  3. Popular movies, say
  4. Play rough
  5. App tapper
  6. Puts in for chance to sip pale beer
  7. Pool maintenance concern
  8. Tough high school sci course