The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Don't keep twitching and don't loaf so much"

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  1. Restless
    1. Always moving
    2. Fidgety
    3. Constantly moving about, fidgeting
    4. Others not as unsettled
    5. Unable to keep still
    6. Pacing, say


  1. Men talk, twitching, of sexual pleasure
  2. Ring up twitching colleague to see how words are pronounced?
  3. Ear's twitching after second bit of gossip
  4. After end of ceremony a new ruler is twitching
  5. Plan exploit, perhaps, twitching on the outside
  6. Waves at large ape, nose twitching
  7. Like this crossword? it makes one weep, quietly twitching!
  8. Surgical procedure overcoming twitching of the eye
  9. Like a sort of nerve that produces twitching after work
  10. Be twitching with everyone joining in, as befits some dancing
  11. Fish we hauled back in still twitching? lifeless ultimately
  12. Ring starts twitching concerning the listener
  13. Some nerve twitching after surgical procedure
  14. Nervous twitching in a golfer
  15. Unorthodox believer at this place twitching
  16. Ring starts twitching of the ear
  17. Twitching antlers around last of these stags in watchful state
  18. A firm has us twitching -- is it good if we can hear?
  19. Wading birds like others, twitching tail
  20. A cat is twitching, completely broken down?


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