The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with R.
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Crossword Answers for "Don't keep twitching and don't loaf so much"

Added on Thursday, January 17, 2019

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  1. Restless
    1. Always moving
    2. Struggles, missing wife, to get son on the move
    3. Fidgety
    4. Constantly moving about, fidgeting
    5. Losing weight, fights in the ring with son, keeping moving
    6. Others not as unsettled


  1. Men talk, twitching, of sexual pleasure
  2. Unusually rare twitching, lacking predictability
  3. Rook near observation post snapped by twitching circle
  4. Pensioner ignoring a twitching of the eye
  5. Ring up twitching colleague to see how words are pronounced?
  6. Ear's twitching after second bit of gossip
  7. Convulsive twitching
  8. Shut up, a fellow is twitching, as one influenced by spirits
  9. Explosive academic is twitching, anticipating the next thrill?
  10. One twitching after securing bargain is expecting too much?
  11. After end of ceremony a new ruler is twitching
  12. Plan exploit, perhaps, twitching on the outside
  13. Waves at large ape, nose twitching
  14. Like this crossword? it makes one weep, quietly twitching!
  15. Surgical procedure overcoming twitching of the eye
  16. Like a sort of nerve that produces twitching after work
  17. Be twitching with everyone joining in, as befits some dancing
  18. Fish we hauled back in still twitching? lifeless ultimately
  19. Ring starts twitching concerning the listener
  20. Some nerve twitching after surgical procedure


  1. Say more please
  2. Moved like toothpaste
  3. Not hanging loose
  4. They tried to bury us. they didn't know we were ___
  5. Unseats judge avoiding historic conflicts
  6. Comic-book hero judge ___
  7. Kettle's output
  8. Asian religion - no hits