The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Don't go to bed - don't be relegated"

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  1. Stayup
    1. Don't go to bed, thereby avoiding the drop
    2. Refuse to sleep with guy at university
    3. Decline to recline?
    4. Postpone one's bedtime
    5. Don't retire on lousy payouts when nothing's left
    6. What kids like to do at a slumber party


  1. Relegated to a state of o
  2. Thoughts of top team as getting relegated
  3. Big hit from relegated footballers?
  4. Relegated
  5. French word in title means relegated
  6. United finally fear, for example, being relegated
  7. Victory for st. etienne, not quite relegated -- lot of light shed here
  8. As reached by the relegated team
  9. Something relegated to the attic
  10. Showed feelings being relegated, losing head
  11. Don't pull __ don't hold back
  12. Don __ opera by mozart about libertine don juan
  13. Don't make light of it, but don't pass it on
  14. Don’t make a ___ (don’t overreact)
  15. State where don ho was born (or was he? let's see the real birth certificate, don!)
  16. Don't make a move and don't go on making a falsehood
  17. Don't talk to the carpet, it shows you don't care
  18. Brigitte bardot's 'don juan (___ don juan were a woman)'
  19. Don __ mozart opera about don juan
  20. "don giovanni" and "don pasquale"


  1. Notable titanic casualty
  2. Went on nyt
  3. Anti-nuke agreement
  4. "... then the ___ said she wanted to run away with me! ..."
  5. Oscar-winning role for de niro
  6. Raving
  7. 1975 hit for war
  8. On ventura blvd., e.g.