The answer to this crossword puzzle is 3 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "'don't ___, don't tell' (bygone military policy)"

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  1. Ask
    1. Call for
    2. Appeal (for)
    3. Request
    4. Press ___
    5. Just like that!
    6. Shoot off


  1. He quipped 'washington couldn't tell a lie, nixon couldn't tell the truth, and reagan can't tell the difference'
  2. Don’t tell ___. (tell no one): 2 wds.
  3. Bygone policy in 60-across
  4. Bygone time, in bygone time
  5. Bygone days, in bygone days
  6. Bygone times, in bygone times
  7. Don't tell anyone i don't want dawn to break
  8. Military policy
  9. Islanders' policy to occupy military establishment
  10. Military policy from 1993-2011
  11. - - diplomacy, foreign policy supported by threat of military force
  12. A change of policy said to be needed in military action
  13. Tell and tell again
  14. Tell - tell again
  15. Tell, not william tell, about the dead
  16. Bygone military leader
  17. Bygone military commander
  18. A french military strategist described it in 1918 as "an interesting toy" but "with no military value"
  19. And 17: clue to a padre being seen here in military areaand 17: clue to a padre being seen here in military area
  20. Retiring military men did what military men do


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