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  1. Dog guarding greek underworld
  2. Many-headed dog guarding underworld gates
  3. Dog guarding the gates of the underworld
  4. Underworld leader missing? it's still the underworld!
  5. One's spotted wagging tail and guarding master
  6. Leader of 10 essentially guarding area
  7. Soldiers guarding v&a with missile russian leaves here?
  8. Aggressive guarding optio
  9. Maclaine movie "guarding
  10. Goddesses guarding the gates of olympus
  11. Protective structure's sound guarding french island
  12. Net-guarding hockey player
  13. Join outfit guarding an indefinite number
  14. Soldiers an inspiration guarding king, terse in action
  15. Soldier guarding a demili
  16. One guarding the steps of
  17. Join outfit guarding nation's leader
  18. Ones guarding cages
  19. Starts to employ dogs guarding european border
  20. Not up to guarding ten? that's indefensible


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