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  1. ___ grecque (served with olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings)
  2. A dry ice is included to add dry wit a la grecque
  3. ___ grecque
  4. ___ grecque (cooked in olive oil and lemons)
  5. ___ grecque (cooking term)
  6. Lettre grecque
  7. ___ grecque (menu phrase)
  8. ___ grecque (greek cooking style)
  9. Grande place grecque
  10. Courtisane grecque
  11. Entrance hall - foyer
  12. Foyer furniture
  13. Showed to the foyer
  14. Admitted to the foyer
  15. Foyer item
  16. Church foyer
  17. Like a drop of paint beginning to brighten foyer
  18. Feature of foyer with tiles?
  19. In foyer, a chair — american diva's reclining, is she?
  20. Foyer accessory


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  2. Possibly libellous?
  3. Rule restricting extent
  4. Jazz great who took his name from egyptian mythology
  5. (of labour) ill treated and ill paid
  6. Abbreviated title without the second third fourth and sixth letters
  7. Seller of halloween costumes perhaps
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