CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Distraction in church"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Class distraction
  2. Old communist group imprisoning that woman is a distraction
  3. Small distraction
  4. Gamble about the maiden said to be a distraction
  5. Drove to distraction
  6. Composer to drive men to distraction
  7. Driving others to distraction perhaps for mentor from 14 across in germany with classified information?
  8. Distraction of a sort
  9. What sounds like minor distraction?
  10. Create a distraction during, maybe
  11. Bedtime distraction
  12. Sony subway distraction: abbr.
  13. Bug to distraction
  14. Is girl joining team an unwelcome distraction?
  15. 'the occupation of the idle man, the distraction of the warrior, the peril of the sovereign,' per napoleon
  16. I speak angrily about king, and it becomes a distraction
  17. All bored to distraction by a girl of mozart's
  18. Smoke and __ a distraction technique or cover-up
  19. All the junketing bores a client to distraction
  20. Distraction gets wild herd straying


  1. Finish knitting and prepare to sail
  2. Unwelcome plants
  3. 1999 film drama starring nicolas cage and patricia arquette
  4. Prepare clergyman for the highest office?
  5. Strategist
  6. John director of films rounders and kill me again
  7. S south africa cricketer; 1998 test debutant against england in nottingham
  8. Single complete thing