The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with J

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Dirty dancing father"

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  1. Jerryorbach
    1. Tony nominee for the role of 30-/33-across in the 1975 broadway musical “chicago”: 2 wds.


  1. He killed his father's killer, and his father's killer killed his father's killer
  2. Dirty rat or dirty dog
  3. ...dirty child on platform is even more dirty
  4. Dirty and dirty at last
  5. Patrick of “dirty dancing” [25]
  6. Do some dirty dancing
  7. Patrick __ dirty dancing's star
  8. Swayze's 'dirty dancing' co-star
  9. Jerry of 'dirty dancing'
  10. "dirty dancing" classic
  11. "dirty dancing" actress jennifer
  12. Patrick __ dirty dancing hollywood actor
  13. 'dirty dancing' director ardolino
  14. Jennifer of "dirty dancing"
  15. What jennifer grey does in 'dirty dancing'?
  16. "___ like the wind" ("dirty dancing" song)
  17. '87 patrick swayze "dirty dancing" hit
  18. 'dirty dancing' co-star
  19. '(___ had) the time of my life' (song from 'dirty dancing')
  20. One-named singer seen in 'dirty dancing: havana nights'


  1. Mill delivery
  2. "hush!" (and hint to how 4-, 9- and 21-down are formed)
  3. Coolidge and moreno
  4. Type of swim competition
  5. Fur-loving villain de vil
  6. Like some dog collars
  7. Fall off the pace
  8. Like some rights or pay