The answer to this crossword puzzle is 15 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Director of four films hidden in this puzzle"

Added on Monday, December 31, 2018

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  1. Alfredhitchcock
    1. Creator of much suspense
    2. Celebrity born 8/13/1899
    3. Knighted director
    4. Director of the puzzle
    5. Film director flared angrily, having difficulty with leading male
    6. The dude whose silhouette was very down-to-girth


  1. Really resentful(note: the same six-letter word is hidden in each of this puzzle's seven theme answers, reading left to right but not necessarily consecutively -- for example, the word "sample" is hidden left to right in "sugar maple." what's the common six-letter word? answer next week.)
  2. Director of the eight starred films in this puzzle, who was born on 2/23/1889
  3. Brief version of this puzzle's title hidden in eight long puzzle answers
  4. Hidden, long hidden inside code oddly
  5. Speaker of the latin quote hidden in the answers to the starred clues ... and the english-language quote hidden in the answers to the double-starred clues
  6. Some films, or, academically, what's hidden in the seven starred entries
  7. In the radio times guide to films, this title is shared by films made in 1989 (horror), 1990 (drama), and 2003 (romantic comedy)
  8. "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" director
  9. "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" director lee
  10. Oscar-winning taiwanese director of crouching tiger hidden dragon who shares his last name with 14a
  11. Director lee of crouching tiger hidden dragon
  12. Japanese director of films including 1954's the seven samurai and 1980's kagemusha
  13. Five-time best director nominee who said “all of the best things in my films are mistakes”
  14. Director whose films include kes, riff-raff and i, daniel blake
  15. Director of the “hostel” films
  16. Robert ___, us director of films including 2001's gosford park
  17. American director known for his dark fantasy films
  18. Writer, director and co-star of the madea films
  19. Ingmar –––, swedish film and stage director whose films included the seventh seal
  20. Director whose films include trainspotting, slumdog millionairre and the television series trust


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