The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with A.
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Crossword Answers for "Did daniel defoe demonstrate this?"

Added on Monday, January 28, 2019

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  1. Alliteration
    1. What 17-, 33-, 47- and 66-across exhibit, despite appearances to the contrary
    2. A feature of double dosing doing everything with repetition
    3. Repetition is, after all, peter piper's speciality
    4. Peter practised poetic ploy perfectly
    5. Repeated first letters
    6. Term to typify “troubled toenail trial”?


  1. Daniel defoe wastes the enemy - 'fierce beast' is a weed
  2. Robinson __ daniel defoe novel about shipwreck
  3. __ crusoe novel by daniel defoe
  4. Daniel defoe wrote ''robinson . . . . . .''
  5. Daniel defoe's '___ flanders'
  6. 'robinson --', a novel by daniel defoe
  7. "robinson ___" (daniel defoe novel)
  8. Really turn up the sound as daniel defoe is ignoring oldie
  9. "robinson ___" (daniel defoe classic)
  10. Novel written by daniel defoe
  11. Daniel defoe con artist who avoids the noose through transport to the colonies
  12. ...'daniel defoe' by ___...
  13. Daniel defoe's hero
  14. 1989 film starring aidan quinn, based on a daniel defoe novel
  15. Daniel defoe novel robinson ___
  16. Alexander __, daniel defoe's model castaway
  17. Novel by daniel defoe: robinson __
  18. __ crusoe is daniel defoe's castaway
  19. Threats to daniel, in the book of daniel
  20. Defoe castaway


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