The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Diana in at mine entrance"

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  1. Lisa
    1. The simpsons girl
    2. Actress edelstein of tv's
    3. Kudrow of friends
    4. Crossword-solving girl on the simpsons
    5. Simpson with a high i.q
    6. The king's daughter


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  2. Classic diana ross hairdo
  3. Swimmer diana
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  8. Singer diana
  9. Diana's lover ___ el-faye
  10. Diana upset royalty, ultimately lacking unbridled adoration
  11. Paul who sang "diana"
  12. Diana of stage and screen
  13. Swimming great diana
  14. Diana, with "the"
  15. Where diana vreeland reig
  16. Superhero film with gal gadot as diana prince
  17. Eulogizer of diana in son
  18. Watch diana?
  19. Greek goddess of the hunt; diana to the romans
  20. St paul's __; wedding venue for charles and diana


  1. Like a porterhouse
  2. 1977 hit for andrew gold
  3. Emily's list, e.g.
  4. Press tears off to find unwelcome visitor
  5. Watch over, as a bar
  6. 'octomom' -- suleman
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