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  1. Deserving of approval
  2. Why is a report unusually deserving of approval?
  3. Deserving approval, unlike the pepper of the duchess's cook (3,2,2,7,2)
  4. Deserving great respect
  5. Not deserving respect
  6. Deserving respect
  7. Bearing deserving respect
  8. Nelson perhaps holding british over european as deserving of respect
  9. Give ___ of approval (stamp of approval): 2 wds.
  10. Express much approval in respect of soldier in hostelry getting round
  11. With respect or warm approval
  12. Regard with respect and approval
  13. Regarding with respect or approval
  14. Deserving blame
  15. Deserving the booby prize
  16. Deserving at least a b
  17. Deserving a c
  18. Deserving assistance
  19. Those deserving a lighter sentence?
  20. Deserving a slap, perhaps


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