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  1. Satellites
    1. A count's seen in places showing heavenly bodies
    2. Spots a count amongst the space travellers


  1. Former liberal worried
  2. Liberal, worried, retreating along with others
  3. Liberal is up before liberal beak
  4. In high places there is time for liberal viewpoints
  5. Be dependent
  6. Dependent on chance
  7. Dependent
  8. Be dependent on the tube train?
  9. Oxygen-dependent bacteriu
  10. Dependent settlement away from the homeland
  11. Dependent upon housing payment to cover lithium addiction's onset
  12. Dependent, often
  13. Being emotionally dependent on someone
  14. People who are dependent on a substance
  15. Addict's co-dependent
  16. Person who attends to a dependent adult
  17. Dependent on drugs
  18. Person entirely dependent on income from an unpleasant job
  19. Those dependent on strong drink
  20. Claiming fido as a dependent, e.g.


  1. Fantasizing 7 little words
  2. Avidly seriously
  3. French art entertains cricket side for ages
  4. Bell-shaped flowers 7 little words
  5. Sponsor's yearly payment supporting rising boxer?
  6. Cloth used for dusting
  7. Edible seaweed that may look like paper
  8. Making tough decision, finally located in a north london borough