The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with G.
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Crossword Answers for "Decent pm’s opening words?"

Added on Friday, November 8, 2019

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  1. Where decent people buy decent clothes at honest prices?
  2. Aquarian event at yasgur’s farm and a hint to what’s formed by the circled letters
  3. It’s not exemplified by this puzzle’s long answers
  4. She made her debut in 1937’s “porky’s romance”
  5. Anatole france’s “l’île ___ pingouins”
  6. Cortina d’ampezzo’s setting
  7. “i can’t explain it ” if someone’s getting short
  8. “what’s new?” if someone’s getting short
  9. Zola’s “j’accuse…!” for one
  10. *hors d’oeuvre that’s been carefully instructed?
  11. He filled o’connor’s vacated seat
  12. What’ll be anodyne news, i’d fancy, around end of year?
  13. Devoted spouse’s words
  14. Back-and-forth involving seven pairs of words in this puzzle’s starred answers
  15. Hamlet’s words after “perchance to dream”
  16. When hamlet says "words, words, words"
  17. Only men like al can land in foulness and like it. (note: each theme answer is a word that can divide into two smaller words--like dozen, do, and zen--and all three words are defined in a "clue sentence." your job in each sentence is to separate the three real clues from the extraneous words.)
  18. Decent play's ending for puck
  19. Decent fellow
  20. Decent, as accommodations


  1. When prospero says we are such stuff as dreams are made on
  2. Runs people’s professional lives
  3. Island to which one is able to return?
  4. Revile
  5. Present movement against religion
  6. Brand with a prime classics line
  7. Popular poet’s written about love, not splashing out?
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