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  1. Direction to strike - direction which is obscure
  2. One direction for an elevator
  3. Game whose direction of play can shift from clockwise to counterclockwise
  4. L.a.-to-fresno direction
  5. Brooks's direction waiving unneeded extras
  6. Dijon-to-lyon direction
  7. Nautical direction
  8. Sunsets direction
  9. Change light's direction on river in particular
  10. Durango direction
  11. Non-believer in force led one to change direction
  12. Throw in the direction of
  13. Sunrise direction
  14. Direction, bearing
  15. Direction follower
  16. Soft feathers; direction
  17. In that direction, to a w
  18. Direction-changing pipes
  19. Labyrinth here? almost recognise one direction - help!
  20. Envelope direction


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