The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Dance showing a little decorum, basically"

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  1. Limelight
    1. Ballroom dance
    2. Story about millions coming to land gets attention
    3. This pursuit means no more privacy
    4. After a mile i get to the stage of having lost weight
    5. Bitter fruit, low in calories, gets the glare of publicity
    6. Public attention


  1. "basically," basically: abbr.
  2. Showing decorum, but terribly partial to rich spread
  3. Dance rhythm derived from drum, basically
  4. Historical decorum disdai
  5. Type overly concerned with decorum
  6. Hardly a site of decorum
  7. Decorum - for devoutness, rector must be involved
  8. Decency decorum
  9. Decorum, shyness
  10. Historical decorum disdainer
  11. 'dulce et decorum est' poet
  12. Decorum in fashions? totally gutted
  13. "dulce et decorum est" poet wilfred __
  14. Decorum connected with ownership?
  15. A __ dinner where dress and decorum are observed
  16. Without decorum
  17. 'dulce et decorum ___' (wilfred owen poem)
  18. Decorum, ceremony
  19. Make best man learn about decorum at the reception?
  20. Person excessively concerned about propriety and decorum


  1. Org. headquartered in new york city
  2. Fashionable people hiding tear in ribbons
  3. Chairman of the senate armed services committee, 1987-95
  4. Floppy-eared "buffy the vampire slayer" demon
  5. Causes affront to
  6. How a fatwa might be issued
  7. Hoover, for short
  8. Serengeti expedition