CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Dance to the music of time"

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  1. British dance music act whose 1980s top ten hits include superfly guy and hey music lover
  2. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  3. Dance at a barn dance
  4. Dance-related dance quote upended
  5. Site of the "shall we dance?" dance
  6. 'dance dance revolution' producer
  7. "we can dance ___ want to" ("the safety dance" line)
  8. 'and all she wants to ___ dance, dance' (don henley lyric)
  9. -- dance, annual dance at helston, cornwall
  10. Bg needs it to dance at dance
  11. I talk nonsensically about maori dance, indian dance
  12. Sailors very good in dance - english dance they do?
  13. Dance dance revolution e.g.
  14. Dance dance revolution maneuver
  15. Dance music subgenre
  16. Some drum and bass dance music
  17. Dance to some johann strauss music
  18. Music and dance, e.g.
  19. Paris music hall dance
  20. Cuban dance music: var.


  1. Mary ___ (shakespeare's mother)
  2. Ruby — comedienne who authored 2002 memoir how do you want me?
  3. Stones song that would be a poor choice for use in an ibm ad?
  4. President of yugoslavia from 1953-80 born josip broz
  5. Samuel — 19th-century british politician after whom the load line on a ship is named
  6. 2004 action film starring ron perlman in the title role
  7. Flippant response to an order
  8. Break up lines?