The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Dance to the music of time"

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  1. British dance music act whose 1980s top ten hits include superfly guy and hey music lover
  2. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  3. Dance at a barn dance
  4. Dance-related dance quote upended
  5. Site of the "shall we dance?" dance
  6. 'dance dance revolution' producer
  7. "we can dance ___ want to" ("the safety dance" line)
  8. Sailors into dance record, i stood up for their dance?
  9. Robot dance caller's instruction to folk dance?
  10. 'shall we dance' dance
  11. 'and all she wants to ___ dance, dance' (don henley lyric)
  12. -- dance, annual dance at helston, cornwall
  13. Bg needs it to dance at dance
  14. I talk nonsensically about maori dance, indian dance
  15. Sailors very good in dance - english dance they do?
  16. Dance dance revolution e.g.
  17. Dance dance revolution maneuver
  18. Dance music subgenre
  19. Some drum and bass dance music
  20. Dance to some johann strauss music


  1. ___ perfect 2012 anna kendrick movie
  2. Instruct bryan perhaps, to get hybrid form of transport
  3. Student of seneca la times
  4. Boy band who represented the united kingdom in the 2011 eurovision song contest
  5. The first british football team to win a european trophy
  6. Hive of bees
  7. In the church of england, a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish
  8. Anger caused by national pay having shilling deducted