The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P.
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Added on Friday, September 25, 2020

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  1. Paladin
    1. Traveling gunslinger
    2. Heroic knight - aid plan
    3. Champion's boy in distress
    4. Boy in agony makes one peer
    5. Champion for a cause
    6. Champion youth in physical distress


  1. Chesspiece (in shining armour?)
  2. That's neither 31 across nor shining armour
  3. Damsel-in-distress tale,
  4. Puts a damsel out of distress
  5. What blackbeard wielded caused damsel distress?
  6. Damsel in distress's cry
  7. Cry from a damsel in distress
  8. Damsel in distress' shout
  9. He absurdly presented a damsel in distress
  10. Shout from a damsel in distress
  11. Cry from a stereotypical damsel in distress
  12. Fool is at first taken in by damsel in distress
  13. Cry from a damsel in distress, perhaps
  14. One may put a damsel in distress
  15. He might take advantage of a damsel in distress
  16. 'nature had it all -- out for me to be the belle of hicks corners' (p. g. wodehouse, a damsel in distress)
  17. Damsel in distress, with capital lawyer from us
  18. Damsel in distress - about time to break up!
  19. 'you see the handsome sophomore from yale sitting beside her on the porch playing the -- ' (wodehouse, damsel in distress)
  20. His philandering leaves a damsel in distress


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