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  1. Climber's climber
  2. Damascus's land
  3. Damascus' land: abbr.
  4. Eg, from damascus
  5. Damascus v.i.p.
  6. Amman-to-damascus dir
  7. Person living in damascus eg
  8. He was converted on the road to damascus
  9. Where damascus is capital
  10. Native of damascus
  11. Item used during flooding in damascus and baghdad
  12. Damascus's country: abbr.
  13. Damascus native
  14. Damascus's place: abbr.
  15. Its capital is damascus
  16. He was converted to christianity on the road to damascus
  17. Middle east country, capital damascus
  18. Salad from damascus with doctor's rent settled
  19. Road to damascus figure, later
  20. Damascus natives


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