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  1. A little extra for personal spending
  2. Alter hair-type, frantically spending money to feel better
  3. Spending spree
  4. Place for a spending spre
  5. One spending a long time
  6. Queen leaving presents with each male child in time of low-spending
  7. What a majority of campaign spending goes toward
  8. Way to reduce spending
  9. Ostentatious spending designed to impress others
  10. Exhorts scottish football organisation to abandon extravagant spending sprees
  11. Spending restraints
  12. Spending
  13. Wasteful government spending
  14. Spending wildly
  15. Spending two days gardening with inside knowledge
  16. Italian architect spending silver in harem
  17. Going up, like conservative spending (latest information hidden)
  18. Spending time?
  19. Imply noah got wasted, spending hours getting very high?
  20. Poet spending significant time in the sun?


  1. It's plucked with a mizrab
  2. Being displayed conspicuously
  3. Garbage-disposal problem
  4. Source of bloating
  5. Ad man burnett of the 'mad men' era
  6. Small loops as edging on lace
  7. Portable stairs
  8. The sound of alternatives needed in a row