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  1. Caesar's location before crossing the rubicon
  2. Words attributed to caesar, crossing the rubicon
  3. Point, point, point, point then led all over the place
  4. Rubicon crosser
  5. Land on the rubicon
  6. Crossed the rubicon, maybe
  7. California site of francis ford coppola's rubicon estate
  8. Get over rubicon, querulous inside
  9. Shape metal as the rubicon crossed?
  10. Land across the rubicon
  11. 'rubicon' network
  12. Rubicon is ace!
  13. Land north of the rubicon
  14. Land on one side of the rubicon
  15. Cut down or slaughtered (masc. acc. plur.), perhaps by the crosser of the rubicon
  16. River crossing used by caryl phillips before crossing the river
  17. The point of this is that if you cut the top point off it's till got a point
  18. Point to point's without point
  19. Fateful crossing point
  20. Crossing point


  1. Reluctant to draw attention to oneself
  2. "__ liebt dich": german version of a beatles hit
  3. Book with the chapter 'how they dress in tahiti'
  4. Caesar subordinate
  5. Spelled
  6. Parts of a digital image
  7. Rock and roll hall of fame doo-wop group from baltimore
  8. In partying it's a bit pretentious