The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Creature slain by gandalf in mines of moria"

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  1. Creature, half-man and half-bull, slain by theseus in the cretan maze
  2. Mckellen who played gandalf
  3. Prop for gandalf
  4. Letter for gandalf
  5. Created bilbo frodo and gandalf
  6. God who inspired gandalf
  7. Friend of gandalf
  8. Gandalf's creator
  9. I'm surprised by one like gandalf's resistance
  10. Mckellen who portrayed gandalf
  11. Gandalf in the ''lord of the rings'' films
  12. Symbol on gandalf's sword
  13. Sir ___ mckellen (gandalf portrayer)
  14. Whom gandalf was modeled on
  15. Mckellen who portrayed gandalf and magneto
  16. Actor mckellen who played gandalf in six tolkien films
  17. Actor who played gandalf in the lord of the rings sir ___ mckellen
  18. Actor mckellen who plays gandalf in the lord of the rings films
  19. Sir ___ mckellen who played gandalf in the lord of the rings
  20. Rejecting mines, finishes making allowances


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  2. Grammatically proper identification
  3. Salmon and coral
  4. Good breeding
  5. Sardinian passion
  6. Fish alternative?
  7. Self arming protection system
  8. An audit may be one