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  1. Tamil uprising — leader goes missing in capital city
  2. Run into tamil building for lack of food
  3. Uk region saddens tamil resettling
  4. Language family that includes tamil
  5. Tamil be preparing dish with mould!
  6. Former name of chennai, the capital of the indian state tamil nadu; or, a variety of curry
  7. Tamil leader disseminates accumulations of lies
  8. Seal hiding place with leading tamil tiger, perhaps admitting revolutionary court is painful
  9. Tamil-speaking country
  10. Tamil extremist and i say it's stone
  11. Entourage of a british/tamil rapper?
  12. For example, tamil from madras i announced
  13. City in tamil nadu india on the bank of the river cauvery
  14. Crazy horse's tribe
  15. Daisy's relative's crazy over crazy girl about love
  16. A right crazy one? lol! crazy one of a number hiding around here
  17. With 111 down, crazy as a loon, in the crazy a saloon
  18. Aerosmith "crazy, baby ___ crazy"
  19. A lot of money seized by two in rebellious tribe
  20. Arizona tribe


  1. Latin for 'table'
  2. Prolonged outburst
  3. Eat at, as one's conscience
  4. Strong, buff papers
  5. Spotty breed of dog
  6. Islamic folklore figure
  7. Suffered serious consequences
  8. Area code 208