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  1. ________ , southern ontario village
  2. Central ontario village
  3. Ontario village and turkish namesake
  4. Michigan/ontario border river
  5. Ontario, par exemple
  6. Ontario natives
  7. Ontario or sup
  8. Ontario's fort ___
  9. Ontario's ___ canals
  10. City on lake ontario
  11. Like ontario vis-
  12. Ontario is on it
  13. Former ontario premier bo
  14. Some ontario natives
  15. River flowing from lake erie into lake ontario
  16. Capital of ontario
  17. Canadian province between ontario and saskatchewan
  18. Winnipeg or ontario
  19. Ontario city just west of
  20. River to lake ontario


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  2. Others work squeezing edward’s organ part
  3. Organ providing oxygen to the blood
  4. Ornamental features in soccer ground
  5. Out of shape men rejected
  6. Oratory in the case of churchill hard to copy
  7. Orient, possibly, at the outset after clarifying advice
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