The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Covertly, bug picks up focus of indiscreetness"

Do you know the answer?


  1. Insecret
    1. Behind closed doors
    2. Overtly
    3. Six-footer entertains soldier surreptitiously
    4. On the sly, the little creature again comes in
    5. Nobody keeps soldiers under cover
    6. About to break into fashionable school under cover


  1. Picks, picks, picks
  2. Send covertly as an email
  3. Enter covertly
  4. Include covertly in an email
  5. Watching someone covertly
  6. Include covertly, briefly
  7. Covertly gathered information
  8. Speak covertly
  9. Send covertly, as a dupe email
  10. Pinch and covertly hit the first lady?
  11. Covertly responsible for newspaper being old-fashioned?
  12. Covertly following
  13. Total triumph when, by arrangement, i met cop covertly
  14. Looked covertly
  15. Watch covertly
  16. Covertly got in coin for change
  17. Watch covertly like secret agent
  18. Work covertly
  19. Covertly email
  20. Picks a fight


  1. ...of many thousands lost for ages
  2. Agitated, under pressure
  3. Fish of the salmon family of the uk and europe
  4. To run one tv channel is dangerous
  5. Halley’s ___ (famous space phenomenon)
  6. The _ _, the official publication of the salvation army
  7. Road-edge spoiled, with battered corners
  8. Moderates, as is one’s wont, changing key in it